#GirlBossNight – Tech and Mental Health: Overcoming the pandemic

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#GirlBossNight – Tech and Mental Health: Overcoming the pandemic.

Thank you to everyone who joined us online for our recent virtual #GirlBossNight – Tech and Mental Health: Overcoming the pandemic.

The current pandemic has changed everything. How we work, how we live, how we communicate, where we eat, drink and even exercise. We are bombarded with constant negative messaging and the uncertainty we face isn’t an easy one to bear. We’ve hit the ‘pause’ button and no one knows when we will get back to the lives we once led.

It’s no wonder mental health has become just as big a talking point as the pandemic itself. We’re suffering from COVID overload. Many of the usual stress reducers we’d turn to have been taken away for now – visiting friends and family, socialising, going on holiday, or just the simple act of having a chat with colleagues at work.

Going by the feedback we received from you all, it was one of the timeliest and well-received events we have ever hosted. Our amazing panel Kim Estrada, Mitch Wallis, Michelle Sherman and Teresa Truda gave us honest, open, real-world advice on mental health coping strategies.

We even got to take part in a guided mediation. This was a first for many of us and it opened the floodgates for incredibly open conversations during the networking sessions afterwards. Some of the comments that were made:

  • it was the first time some of you had felt in a safe space for ages
  • you felt nurtured and couldn’t remember the last time that happened
  • many of you felt as though you’d been given a virtual hug.

Our team of panellists offered a wide range of solutions for coping during COVID:

Mental health and mindfulness apps are packed with great advice on how to cope with anxiety, depression, isolation and general wellbeing tips to boost your mental health. Most have a free helpline – please call, they are there to help and are passionate about getting you the help you need.

Here are some other free apps and resources:

We were also given these timely reminders:

  • Don’t judge yourself – it’s OK not to be OK. Try and reduce your social media habit, forget trying to learn a new language or paint a Picasso during lockdown – just getting out of bed and being dressed is a win-win!
  • Be kind to yourself. Try to make small changes to your daily routine, get out for a walk as often as you can – nature calms us down and reduces stress hormones. Just looking at houseplants has been shown to do the same, so grab a plant next time you go to the supermarket. Borrow your neighbour’s dog for company, cuddling animals has the same calming effect.
  • Find what makes you smile – it could be dancing around the kitchen to your favs tracks or watching a silly movie 10 times. It doesn’t matter, anything you enjoy is important to add to your daily routine.
  • Find a support network. Lock in a weekly Zoom meeting with friends – make it silly hat session or dress up, it’s amazing how this can lift your spirits! Lock in a daily chat with a colleague or your team, use your video as it’s better to actually see someone than just hear them.

Again, a massive ‘Thank you!’ to all of our wonderful panellists, for taking the time to share their wisdom and to you, for continually supporting us and each other. Please feel free to connect with us on our Facebook group to continue the conversation.

And here’s the full conversation from the night:

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