To kick off the first event of 2020, Girls in Tech held an intimate gathering featuring some amazing panelists sharing their experiences as founders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

The vibe was electric as the panelists were introduced on stage and we heard them share their story, what brought them to where they are today and the impact they have made on their business and industry. It was inspiring to hear all the different paths each of them had, leading them to where they are today, the moments that defined them and the skills they picked up along the way.

We then got the chance to break up into smaller groups and have one on one time with each panelist and the conversations that came out of this was invaluable! Everyone got the chance to introduce themselves to the group and we learned we had an extremely diverse and talented group of people amongst us all keen to learn from each other.

The experts took a very relaxed and candid approach to these sessions, opening up about personal experiences and allowing the group to ask them any questions relevant to them.

The diversity of the panelists meant we had insights from many different verticals and backgrounds. 

A refreshing take on growing a pf business of purpose, from a bootstrapped startup to a thriving business having a positive impact on society. Julie opened up about what it took to grow the business, what it’s like to work with her husband and how her ethics and values shape her purpose and goals for the business.

Founder of Australia’s largest video production company and all-round video guru, Renece gave us some fresh insights of using video in marketing strategies, what it’s like to have some amazing clients with a high turnover of videos weekly and practical tips to incorporate video into our business. 

Having recently left expert 360, Hamish shared the benefit of a sharing economy and how the B2B space is shifting and evolving. He provided his experiences within digital marketing and business strategy and it led him to branch off on his own.

Talking all things AdTech and branding, Anny was able to share her journey in this fast-paced industry and what it takes to establish yourself as an entrepreneur within your own organisation to continue innovating in the space you work

  • Bella Zanesco, Entrepreneur in Residence, Slingshot & Published Author

Bella gave us an intimate look at what she went through when she experienced a career burnout, she was able to come out of it stronger than ever and published her own book to help others going through the same thing. She gave us some practical tips to avoid burning out in the workplace, how to identify the signs and how to turn negative experiences into powerful learnings. 

We ended the night in true Girls in Tech style, with some nibbles, wine and laughter. The intimate nature of this gathering had everyone mingling for hours, so much so that we forgot we had an ending time to adhere to! 

Written by Carmel Zein