We are so fortunate to have Angela leading the charge with our email marketing at Girls in Tech Australia. Her insights in tech and unique understanding of all things digital have been invaluable. Production Manager at SitePoint Premium Angela is also mother of two and we appreciate Angela bringing her youngest son Ruben to one of our earlier events this year, here is her take on the experience.

I have been volunteering as the email marketer with the Girls in Tech organisation for the past year. It was 2017, I had moved into the city. This meant my commute home had drastically declined, and the time on my hands had increased. This was great because I had always wanted to work on a project or for a great cause. But because of my family commitments and long commute home, it always seemed impossible. You only have so much time in a day.

All that changed in 2017. Don’t get me wrong I still had my family, but I now had a very short walk home from meetups. From one of these meetups, I saw a passionate lady speak about the Girls in Tech (GiT) organisation. A few months later I decided to take part and join their community, and have since been a proud member.

Now, it’s 2018 and I’ve had a baby — yes there were a few more changes in 2017! I’m on maternity leave and decided that although I spend 24/7 with my newborn son, I had to dedicate some of my time to… myself. I continued writing emails for GiT and soon started promoting their first event Maximise Your Potential: Create a memorable personal brand. Of course I wanted to attend, and see the final results of the our team’s fruits of labour. But then something happened, my partner — and meetup/tech event babysitter — was chosen as a speaker at the same event! This is great, but bummer, what does this mean for our baby’s care?

Well we thought, we could have him watched for by family? Yet, logistically that eats into a lot of our time. We decided to bring him.

Of course this meant that all the worst case situations popped into my mind. What if he has a big accident, where can I change him, where would I nurse him? Yes, I understand my son is only a few months old, but he’s very well behaved, and I didn’t think he would end up having a screaming match in the middle of a talk. At least I hoped he wouldn’t.

Spoiler: he didn’t.

So how did it go bringing a 3 month old to a tech event?

He was fine! My initial fears of people staring and thinking badly of me quickly vanished. To be honest I actually felt quite confident with my decision, and that made me happy. Sure, I noticed a couple of stares, but they were outweighed by the amount of support and looks of awe from the attendees. In fact I had plenty of women who approached me to comment on how brave I was. They soon opened up by telling me how they wished they could’ve had the guts to do the same. I had set an example, and if they could, they would definitely bring their baby along.

Bringing a baby to a tech event was the best idea I’ve had. Not only did bringing him boost my own confidence, he made a great conversation starter, and networking partner. Secondly, it was great to introduce him to the community of ladies I’ve been working with for the past year. I’m especially glad I didn’t miss the event by feeling that I was overstepping by bringing a baby.

If you know you’re baby can handle an event, why not bring them along? Why not let this be a norm? In the end, we’re introducing the next generation into the industry, just a lot earlier.

Note: Thank you to Girls in Tech Australia for not having an issue with little Ruben attending.


Author: Angela Molina

You can read more from Angela and her take on tech at:

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